How can you be a Christian and a Democrat?  Or, on the flipside, how can you be a Christian and a Republican?  I’ve heard both.  Divisive – and even hateful – rhetoric has become the norm in the American political process.  While Christians should be the exception to this rule, sadly we are not.

Sometimes the disagreement and discord comes with a personal attack, questioning another person’s value or worth because she dared to think something different than me.  And, obviously, I know what truth is because I have a corner on absolute truth.  She’s wrong, and I’m right.

But, I am not always right, and he is not always wrong.  As Christians, we believe Jesus is Truth.  So while Jesus always gets it right – and absolute truth does exist – we are imperfect as His followers.   Although we often get it wrong, we are known as authentic Jesus-followers by our love for one another – isn’t that what He said?

Let us show America our love for one another by praying for our nation and its leaders and engaging in the political process using respectful, yet honest, rhetoric.  It’s time to redeem the conversation.  Will you join us?  If so, please check out the ground rules, and then join the conversation!  We might be surprised what we learn, and maybe even get a little closer to Truth along the way.