This is my command that you love one another.”  John 15:17.  This love Jesus refers to is an agape love that is self-giving and not possessive.  If the command of Jesus is to love one another, this should be reflected in our conversation.  In this spirit, to participate in this forum, we must agree to certain ground rules.

  1. Be respectful.  Language and comments must be respectful towards others.  While debate of ideas is encouraged, hateful rhetoric is not.
  2. Be esteeming. Esteem one another.  Show honor to one another as fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.
  3. Be kind. Kindness must be reflected in the comments.  Kindness can be defined as “benevolence” or a “desire to do good to others” – so make sure we are all desiring to do good.
  4. Be patient. If we are patient in our disagreement, the disagreement can prompt reflection on our own opinions.  Then, we leave the dialogue with an enhanced understanding of our own positions.
  5. Be repentant. If we recognize when we’re wrong and ask for forgiveness, it furthers conversation.
  6. Be forgiving. If a comment is offensive, say why it is, and be quick to forgive.
  7. Be united in love. Showcase our unity in diversity as we each are members of the Body of Christ with different gifts and talents to be used for the benefit of all.


We reserve the right to edit or remove any comments, regardless of content.